Monday, November 7, 2022

Almost 75

 In exactly one week, I will be 75.  What?  How did that happen?  Are you sure?  

     Wait!  The universe must be a little off.  I’m really not 75!

     Wait!  I want to do this life again, with the wisdom that I have now.  I would like to redo  

          some things.

     Wait!  Does this mean I am really going to die???  OK, then, I’m going to pack in it; get the 

          most of what I can from my life that is left.

I guess I have the same frames of thought as my fellow life travelers.  I have come to realize that I am one among many and that my thoughts are pretty much shared with my contemporaries. I used to think that I was so unique, not unique, but sooo unique.  That thought did not serve me well as it kept me from taking advantage of the insight of the masses.  Now I find comfort in knowing that I am one among many.  I find interest in learning how other people who have lived three quarters of a century look at life.  What are they doing?  How are they coping? 

I’m calling this my Mid Life Crises.  I’m aiming to reinvent myself a bit.  Two weeks ago, I bought my Midlife Crises SUV.  It’s big and black with red trim.  I pimped my ride and had the roof racks painted red to be unique (uh-oh there’s that trait again).  I may get red running boards, and add from there.  But here is the part that unsettles me.  The red roof racks, that I think are cool, are very senior-useful because they help me find my car in the parking lot.  Haha.  The red running boards are also called “step assists” and I do not like that one little bit.  Am I making this a senior car when it is supposed to look HOT?  Sigh…

Anyway, in two days I will be on a jet to Hawaii with my daughter.  We will be sharing the week with my cousins Rueben and Patty.  I’m turning 75 in Waikiki!  Not a bad start.