Thursday, July 12, 2012

We Are Leaving Tomorrow for Wisconsin

It has been a whirlwind of activity since Jeff gave us the fantastic gift of a trip for the whole family to Wisconsin.  This is my dream come true and to tell you the truth, I didn't think that it would every happen.  Then, Jeff and Shannon said that they would gift us all the trip of a lifetime.  Really?  I guess if you want something bad enough for long enough, someone that you love just may give it to you.

We have two cars converging on Orange County airport in the morning.  One car arriving from San Marcos will have Jeff, Shannon, HannaH, Isaac, and GREGORY!  What is Gregory doing in San Marcos.  Well, his Uncle Jeff made another dream come true -- Gregory's dream of going to a Comic-Con Convention.  Geek paradise!  Uncle Jeff bought the tickets and Shannon drove to Sun Lakes to pick up Gregory, while Jennifer and I drove to Sun Lakes to drop off Gregory.

Gregory has already posted his excitement on Facebook this morning.  Can't wait for updates from the two of them.

Jennifer is going to meet Tom and Denise at Jason and Sandra's house, so Tom can drive the five of us to the airport.  None of us can check in until all of us are there, because we are traveling as a group.

Lots of errands and loose ends to finish up today.  Shannon and Jeff have Dee and Steve James staying at their house, Jennifer has Lilly Vargas staying at her house, and Tom and Denise have Missy checking on Chewbacca twice a day.  The pregnant Baby Bergs are just taking off, not realizing how complicated their lives are going to get when my new grand baby arrives.

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    Please take a look at this Blog.

    I hope you will read it when, as, and if you have time and interest!
    You know already that my emotions easily "over-flow" when it comes to family matters.
    This Blog brings tears of recognition and joy to my eyes as I read it.

    Denise is my first cousin on your Grandpa Banner's side--which makes her your second cousin. She and I have always been quite "close"--not in the sense of very often living in very close proximity to each other, or even in the sense of maintaining frequent, reliable contacts with each other, but . . . definitely in a familial, loving, emotional, sympathetic sense. Denise is hands-down, no-argument-about-it, the very best Scrabble player I've ever known. It took me some time before I realized how very good she was/is. The facts finally dawned on me at the point when I suddenly realized that she was ALWAYS beating me, so it surely couldn't be just mere "LUCK!", which is what I had wanted, for quite some time, to attribute her success to! So, I paid particular attention to her methods and techniques; and for many, many years, It's been great fun for me, whenever I've had the opportunity, to TRY to beat her at Scrabble, with only the rare occasional success at doing so!