Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Simple Things in Life

Well, it’s all about the simple things in life.  Tom and I were taking HannaH and Chewbacca for a long drive in the golf cart when this tree caught my eye.  I shouted “Stop” and everyone wondered what was going on.  I asked HannaH if she had ever climbed a tree and she said no, but I could tell that she was intrigued by the notion.  However it took me a bit of coxing to actually get her up into the tree.  She was so nervous.  It was like it was 100 feet high!  HannaH said “Grandma, everything looks different up here!”  That little girl delights my soul!  I won’t mention the part when I let go of her and she cried.  I thought that was cute and funny as she was really in no danger at all.  The world looks so different from the eyes of a child who can bring wonder and excitement into the simplest, littlest things.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Getting the Mindset to Post

Bits of rambling in search of a cohesive existence.  Maybe it will all come together or maybe not.  God knows -- but I don’t.  If he wants me to understand my life, he’ll let me know.  Until then, I’ll just ramble and see what comes out.