Thursday, June 27, 2013

Starting to Organize my Old Photos

I have an incredible drive in me to sort all of my photos, so can look back over my life in chronological order and relive the very wonderful life that I have had.  It would be great to think that after I am gone, someone might be interested in any of the photos that I have and would be thankful that they are in order.  

A couple of days ago, I received a couple of DVD's that have some of the old photos on them.  I sent my photo albums away to a place called ScanCafe and they digitalized them.  They came out OK, so I am on a mission to get all photos onto the computer.

Now, I know that there will not be too many of my heirs who will want to go through all of the photos, but I am determined to write stories of my memories so someone may feel a connection to his or her past.

We are a Christian family from back farther than I remember or know about.  Yes, we are Christians, but that doesn't make us boring.  

This is the oldest photo that I could find quickly.  

Martha "Mattie" Josephine Chappell (1888 - 1923) was my mother's mother.  She had four children (Marian, Robert, Jack, Mary Virginia), but died of diabetes when my mother, the youngest was only 2 years old.  My mother looked like her and I think that I did too.

NAME:Martha Josephine Chappell

BIRTH:1888, Lemons, Putnam, Missouri, USA

DEATH:1923, Emmetsburg, Palo Alto, Iowa, USA

Mattie married Glanton Finis Banner.  After Mattie died, Finis (as he was called) married a woman with four children and together they had one.

NAME:Glanton Finis Banner

BIRTH:1889, Pollock, Sullivan, Missouri, USA

DEATH:1962, Liberty, Clay, Missouri, USA

 This is the very handsome Finis Banner.  I didn't get his curly hair.  Did you?
I guess even way back when, people realized that people in the photos seldom smiled.  I heard that the reason for that is that the shutter speed was so slow on the cameras that one just had to "freeze".

This is Finis as a child, along with his sisters Bertha Olive Banner Smith 1996-1986 (married George Smith and had no children) and Elsye Banner (married Jack and had one child, Richard)

NAME:Bertha Olive Banner


DEATH:1986, Kansas City, Jackson, Missouri,

Their parents were Mary Belle Smart (a nicer woman was never known), and George Grant Banner who up and left her.

NAME:Mary Belle Smart

BIRTH:1867, Indiana, USA

DEATH:1951, Lee Summit, Missouri, USA

NAME:George Grant Banner

BIRTH:1864, Sullivan, Missouri, USA

DEATH:1939, Pollock, Sullivan, Missouri, USA