Saturday, May 16, 2015

Finally Found "My Look".

My blog on 5-5-10 recounts my experience unexpectedly getting an offer of a senior citizen discount.  It explains how I was pretty upset, after spending so much time to getting ready, looking fresh, happy, and what seemed to me…young.  Well, today, I found out that I was going about it all wrong.  Against my own judgement, I didn’t take a shower or do my hair.  I put on a baseball cap and minimal makeup, and wore jeans, tennis shoes, and a shirt that looked like long underwear. 

The results were surprising, leading me to believe that i have found my best look. I was doing errands and decided to drive through some place quickly to get a bite to eat and a diet coke. I had the courage to ask for the senior discount, which, I found out. entitled me to a free drink, cutting the price of my meal in half.

NOT SO FAST!  That sweet, conscientious, young man at the counter, who was obviously very astute, asked for my ID.  I’m just sure that he was thinking “Nope, not going to give a discount to this gal, she looks way too young.”  He examined my driver’s license before he would cut loose with the diet coke.   

Made my day!  Quickly, my mind reviewed anything that was different, and repeatable in the future.  Answer:  I needn’t take a shower, comb my hair, take time on my makeup, or pick special clothing.   Done, done, and Done!

…or was it something else. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

Here is how life happens.  I didn’t see at the time, the plan that God had in mind.

When Jason was just a little guy, he went to preschool like so many other little kids.  It was there that he made lots of friends and made the teachers fall in love with him.  He just had that way about him.  Precocious from the very beginning, he showed his advance abilities both mentally and socially.  

Brea Olinda Friends Christian Day Care was the school that I chose for him.  It is now part of the Heights Christian School system.  Anyway…Jason now takes care of all of their computers as one of his accounts at

I can see God’s plan for Jason started way before we knew the Godly man that Jason would become.  

This is the advertisement that the school sent out to thousands of households.