Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Is Mandatory

As my children will tell you, I free them up to make any and all plans that they want to for Christmas.  I would love for one of them to include me on Christmas Day, but if not, that’s OK too.  Thanksgiving, however, is Mandatory--no exceptions.  My house.  Dinner is at 2:00.

This year, everyone came.  We just wish that Joe, Hayden, and Katie lived close enough to control -- I mean invite.

My Joy.
I raised three Christian kids that love each other.

Do they look happy?  They were just placating me.  I love to take their pictures.  It was such an accident that they all wore the same thing to Thanksgiving, thus leaving me an extra excuse to take pictures.

I don't think anyone choreographed the “hands in the pockets’, but it turned out cute. I don’t think anyone choreographed the “hands in the pockets’, but it turned out cute.

Mom and Chicks

Another HannaH and Uncle Jason moment as Isaac looks on
HannaH Loves Lucas

The Berg Christmas Photo
I'll Love You and Protect You Forever
Auntie Jenn and Isaac
Little Baby Isaac Feet
My Froggy - Smiling As Usual
The Trimmings
The Turkey

Mommy's Lil' Turkey

Isaac Asleep on Grandma

Mommy and Isaac

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why I Want to Blog

I am excited to start my Website.  My son, Jason, suggested that I start it so I can post my pictures with comments.  I’m curious to learn just how far I can take this.  Oh Goody!  I get to have another learning curve.  Sigh... 

I'm just starting it, so I don't know where it will lead.  Here is where I would like it to lead.  First, I will write random thoughts and memories.  That will lead to some sort of natural organization which will depict my life here on earth.  Then, of course, I will write my best-selling biography.   Finally, a major production company will pick up the rights to my book and will create a blockbuster film that will make you laugh, cry, cringe, and embrace, but that no one will ever forget--kind of like Gone With The Wind.  Yeah, right!